bottles and doses

Plastic bottles of volume from 1 l to 1,5 l are of different shapes and have a wide range of use. They are closed with a threaded lid providing for sealing, while the plastic bottles weight can be adjusted to the purchaser's requirements.
Plastic jars are round or square in shape. Their necks have larger diameter, thus providing for easier filling and usage. They are closed with a threaded lid or a pressure lid. They are mainly used in chemical industry for packaging of pasty and dusty substances.

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  product numbernominal capacityouter dimensions (mm)opening (mm)
square dose2DO03320.3 L82 x 82 x 100ø 43,5
hexagonal dose2DO05530.5 L63 x 70 x 193ø 33
square dose2DO07730.7 L82 x 82 x 150ø 43,5
bottle2PL10411.0 L112 x 64 x 217ø 31
bottle2PL10661.0 L97 x 57 x 265ø 22
square dose2DO11041.0 L82 x 82 x 210ø 43,5
bottle2PL10261.0 L98 x 98 x 193ø 30
bottle2PL10231.0 L96 x 76 x 205ø 32,5
bottle2PL13261.3 L98 x 98 x 223ø 30
bottle2PL15261.5 L98 x 98 x 243ø 30