fuel jerrycans

They are made of special HDPE material due to requested fuel-proof walls. They are closed with threaded lids and are additionally equipped with flexible funnel for easier fuel discharge. They are designed to be used as containers for reserve fuel and they are UN-approved.

For technical data please contact us at prodaja@plastik.si

  product numbernominal capacityouter dimensions (mm)opening (mm)UN
fuel jerry can2RO05305.0 L238 x 156 x 250ø 31Y
combo jerry can (fuel/oil)2RO07257.5 L315 x 150 x 310ø 30Y
fuel jerry can2RO101710.0 L325 x 160 x 330ø 30Y
fuel jerry can2RO103010.0 L298 x 195 x 298ø 31Y
fuel jerry can2RO203020.0 L396 x 238 x 377ø 30Y