closed top drums

Closed top drums are made for heavy filling materials, they can be easily stacked. They are used in food and non-food industries alike. A number of the drums have UN approvals (RID, ADR) for transport of dangerous goods by land, sea or air. Standard colours: blue, black and see-through. Screw caps with gaskets and temper-evident seals.

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  product numbernominal capacityouter dimensions (mm)opening (mm)UN
closed top drum2BA500650.0 L395 x 330 x 550ø 52, ø 25
closed top drum2BA500750.0 L395 x 330 x 550ø 48Y
closed top drum2BA600760.0 L395 x 330 x 645ø 49Y
closed top drum2BA1308130.0 L495 x 495 x 830ø 48, ø 48
closed top drum2BA1508150.0 L495 x 495 x 925ø 48, ø 48Y