plastic packaging made of PCR material

date: 02.04.2020

category: news


The last decades have witnessed in increase in plastic production. In 1950s we produced in total 1,5 million tons of plastic world-over, in 2015 the total amount produced was 322 million tons. Since most of plastic products are meant for single-use, the amount of plastic waste has increased drastically over the last years. The EU has proposed a package of measures to lower the extent of plastic waste, one of them being the introduction of minimum share of recycled material used for production of packaging.

 Our company has dedicated time and resources to projects that would enable us to produce plastic packaging made partially or entirely of PCR (post-consumer recycled) material. In 2019 we launched a series of pails made of 100 % recycled material. The pails can be used in different chemical industries as packaging for paints, varnishes and other construction materials.

our customers can choose from the range of round pails: 10l, 11l, 17l, 20l, and 30l; 12l and 18l oval pails or from 16l or 25l rectangular pails.


For more information please contact our sales department at or under +386 5 330 26 00.