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  product numbernominal capacityouter dimensions (mm)
bottle crate / beverage crate (12 x 1 l)1NV011212.0 L392 x 298 x 335
basket for agriculture1KK200120.0 L510 x 330 x 400
low crate with full bottom1NP220222.0 L557 x 380 x 150
low crate with perforated bottom1NP220122.0 L557 x 380 x 150
multi-purpose crate1NE350135.0 L595 x 385 x 260
high crate with full bottom1NP024545.0 L565 x 385 x 300
high crate with perforated bottom1NP014545.0 L565 x 385 x 300